Computer service prices

General fees

Free (included) if you choose to fix it with us
$ 65,00 CAD
Hourly rate$ 99,00 CAD
Computer pickup / delivery$ 65,00 CAD

Our prices

All prices are in Canadian dollars.

Hardware Installation

RAM$ 35,00 CAD
CD/DVD/Blu-Ray$ 30,00 CAD
Graphic Card$ 70,00 CAD
HDD (Backup not included)$ 60,00 CAD
CPU$ 170,00 CAD
Other internal components (TV tuner, audio card, network card)$ 45,00 CAD
Laptop LCD/LED display repair$ 165,00 CAD
COMPLETE INSTALLATION (maximum price)$ 249

Software Installation

Linux$ 90,00 CAD
Windows *$ 99,00 CAD
Mac OS *$ 150,00 CAD
Driver update/installation (hardware component installation not included)$ 25,00 CAD
Application software with license *$ 35,00 CAD
* Customer must provide licence

Physical Computer Cleaning

Computer typePrice
Desktop$ 65,00 CAD
Laptop$ 95,00 CAD

Removal Virus and clean your system

Removal Virus, malware and optimization your system
Removal of viruses, worms, trojan horses, rootkits, keyloggers, dialers, spyware, adware, rogue security software and other malicious programs
Removal of unwanted files
Cleanup of temporary files
Optimization of Windows registry
Desktop or Laptop
$99,00 CAD

Data backup

Simple backup ( < 20GB)$ 35,00 CAD
Advanced backup (20 – 100 GB)$ 65,00 CAD
Full Backup ( > 100 GB)$ 125,00 CAD
Hard Drive Cloning$ 65,00 CAD
Detection and deletion of virus, malware and other unwanted programs before backup or clone hard drive$ 50,00 CAD

Computers and oparating system maintenance

Windows Optimization Pack
Optimization of start-up and shutdown processes
Device drivers verification
Event log checking and fixing logged errors
Windows Registry Optimization
Temporary files cleanup
Registry repair, optimization and defragmentation
Menu optimization
Task bar cleanup
Hard drive defragmentation
Windows update
TOTAL PRICE Best option
$199,00 CAD

Data recovery

Hourly Rate$79,00 CAD
Note: Data integrity cannot be guaranteed.
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